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Methodist School Room

Methodist School Room

At the turn of the C19 there were two Methodist chapels in Leavening. A Wesleyan and a Primitive. The only only surviving physical evidence of the latter is a set of iron railings on Mains street. As the chapel has been sold to developers, the Methodist Hall was now used for services.
For over a number of years there has been an increase in the interaction between the two places of worship. There are regular shared services. More practically, there are ongoing talks about the sharing a building. Both the Chapel and The Venerable Bede are ageing and are proving expensive to maintain. The Shared Building Agreement required that the Methodists to sell the chapel and use the funds to extend and repair the church. The chapel has been sold and has been converted into a dwelling. At the beginning of August 2008 the building work that heralded the church refurbishment commenced. It was completed in time for Christmas!

In addition the Schoolrooms was given its own refurbishment and now has a new kitchen.
The School Room is available for hire contact Karen Ward 01759 380457

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