Once the village waste tip, and thanks to European funding, it has been landscaped into the village picnic site. With wonderful views it is a popular site. There remains the iron beacon used for  VJ day celebrations. There are minimal facilities; a car park and refuse bins, so you’ll have to bring your own seating arrangements.

Main Street
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picnic site
picnic site

The open space at the apex of the triangle is in fact the village reservoir and does not have public access.

Village Picnic Site Refurbishment

At the Parish Council Open meeting in May it was revealed that there are plans afoot to open up the picnic site at the top of the hill. There are now funds to undertake certain works on the site which includes felling trees, laying hedges, clearing vegetation, planting wildflowers...providing fencing. The idea is to open the site up so there is plenty of space to have picnics, for kids to run around or to hold village events.. Also the views from the site will be fantastic when we can see over the hedges.

To help get things started we are organising two volunteer days (Sunday 18th Nov and 9th Dec) when all villagers, adults and children can come up and help with the works,mainly hedge laying and clearing vegetation.The days will be run by an officer from Ryedale District Council who will provide all tools and equipment and lead the event. All you need to do is turn up in outdoor clothes and boots and bring a pair of gloves if you have them.
Volunteer days:-
18th November 10 - 4.00
9th December 10 - 4.00
You do not have to stay for the whole day , but if you are with us over lunch time please remember to bring a pack up. lf anyone would like to provide any refreshments to keep the volunteers going that would be wonderful.
For more information and to let us know you wish to join us please use the contact form on this website

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