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All the aerial photographs on this site are copied from Google Earth with permission and not for sale, for personal use only

Leaveningonline has always maintained a gallery which features photographs of some of our best and attractive scenes.

Take a few moments to browse through the gallery below. If you have any questions, please Contact Us

Leavening Gallery

Boundale fields  Stitch

Village from Madeira

Daffodils on Main St.

Dam Lane from Leppington Lane

Daffodils at Golden Well

Sunny Main St

Leavening Brow


Horse and sheep

Village from Wold Hill

Old Mill House

Drifting sheep

Village taken from Leppington lane

Village taken from further along Leppington lane)

Graveyard off Leppington Lane

Looking down Leppington Lane towards village

Methodist Schoolroom

Village from raised footpath on Main St

Gardens on Main St

Brow Rd

The beck on Dam Lane

Dam Lane

Down York Rd Eastwards

The Jolly Farmers from York Rd

York Rd


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