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Originally the church was the village school until the present one was built. The old school building which belonged to the Church of England became the chapel-of-ease to Acklam church as Leavening was in the parish of Acklam. In 1965 it was rededicated by the Bishop of Selby to the Venerable Bede

There are eight churches across the nine villages that constitute the Unified Parish of West Buckrose.

The Venerable. Bede  a Building Sharing Agreement with the local Methodists, so both congregations share the use of the church. Both Anglican and Methodists have contributed to the funds of the refurbishment which has completed changed the character to one of a warm and welcoming building.

Main Street
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The Anglican Vicar is Rev Jenny Hill. Tel. 01653 618574
Churchwarden: Mrs. L Hampson Tel. 01653 658706

The Methodist Minister is Rev Geoff Floyd Tel. 01653 692173
Stewards: Mr S & Mrs S Langton 01653 658346
                  Mr S Ward 01759 380457

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Leavening Church

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