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Yorkshire Women’s Association meets in evening of second Tuesday at the School.

Play group: It is open in term time from 9.15-11.30 and meets in Methodist School Room.
Contact Paula Yare 01653 658002

Brownbows (Rainbows: For girls aged 5 – 7 & Brownies: For girls aged 7 – 11.)
Contact Louise Hampson Tel: 01653 658709

Football Coaching: For any children 6-11. Meets on Saturday mornings on School Field.

Book Club: Meets Monthly in church.

For details apply through this website

Click for the Community Cinema
Leavening Community Cinema @ The Jolly Farmers Inn

Village Occasions

Check Events for the latest village goings on

Fete: usually second Sunday on July

Bonfire: usually on or near 5th November

Produce & Handicraft Show: Organised by YCA usually on first Saturday in September.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: There’s a host of fun activities for this celbration.

All the aerial photographs on this site are copied from Google Earth with permission and not for sale, for personal use only


Multiple Use Games Area

This development has expanded the school facilities. This project it is an all weather sports facility which sits at the end of the sports field. It is open for all villagers to use in out of school hours.

Details on the MUGA website

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