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This is the most significant prehistoric site in the area and is located on the summit of Leavening Brow. The village has an obvious route up to the Wolds via a natural shallow valley, which leads up to the feature. Fairly recently, aerial photographs have revealed crop marks indicating a rectangular feature inside the enclosure, approximately 30 by 20 metres (map ref. SE 796628). The enclosure dates back to 2500 BC and as yet its purpose is unknown, but it must have been of importance because of the effort in constructing it. The amount of effort and organisation would have been tremendous. Its gleaming white chalk banks would have been visible for miles. It is much too large for a hill-fort, as it would have taken an army to defend the perimeter of nearly 1 1/2 miles and encloses an area of 90 acres. Its most probable purpose would have been religious, ceremonial or prestige. It is also in a good position to oversee a known trade route. Whatever its purpose was, a settlement at the foot of the route to the enclosure would have been of importance. It is quite likely that the origins of Leavening date back to these times.
For more on this site and other prehistoric sites in the Wolds see The Aldro Enclosure by Don Howarth

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aldro enclosure

The features are not easy to see, except for this one burial mound

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